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Dear Comrades
Summer is upon us, sure feels good. I hope everyone is well. Things are going reasonable well at the post. Events and dinners could be better attended. I hope we can add a few more dinners in the future. I feel we are not getting the word out as to what we are having to offer at the post. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
If you want a newsletter mailed to you – please notify canteen of address and the letter will be sent to you. Or call the post 937-698-6727. Please check out the calendar for coming events. July 29th the post is having Ron & friends world famous BBQ chicken. I hope to see you there!
Thank you to all who volunteer their time for supporting our post. A special mention to all mowers for the fine work they do on the range to keep it looking nice and savings the post thousands of dollars in mowing fees!
In closing this is a statement from VFW Manual of Procedures which we should adhere to:
“Do not let petty jealousies or trivial personalities influence our deliberations. Let us uphold always the obligations of unselfish comradeship and loyalty to our organization and to the government of the United States of America.”
To those that are ill we wish you a speedy recovery. To those that have lost a loved one our deepest sympathy.

June 3rd – Tractor Pull
June 9th & 10th – Moped Rally
June 16th & 17th – Guns-N-Ribbons event (3G Tactical)
August 11th,12th&13th – NSSA
August 18th & 19th – Epilepsy event
August 25th,26th&27th – NSSA
SEPT. 1,2,3&4 – Rumble Mtn.
(Handgun Range will also be closed)

Ron Luebke

Dear Auxiliary Sisters & Brothers,
I want to thank all the auxiliary members that marched in the parade. The weather was great! I also want to thank the members that organized the parade and the guys that cooked the hamburgers and hotdogs.
The Fourth of July is just around the corner. Please be safe and have a great holiday. Also note, the hours for the canteen on this day are from 2 - 7 pm so our bartender can enjoy the fireworks also.
July also means your 2018 dues are due now. Please pay them before Dec. 1st so that we can get them mailed into National Headquarters before they close for the holidays. By paying your dues, you are not only paying for cancer insurance for yourself but it also helps in making donations to the National Military Service Program, which assist veterans by providing phone calls, welcome home parties, send off parties, and much more. Tired of paying your dues every year? Buy a life membership. Check with myself or Sharon for details. Tell your loved ones that this makes a great gift! You can pay your dues at the post or mail to Sharon Hall at 548 W. Dow St., Tipp City 45371. Make checks payable to VFW Auxiliary Post 6557.
Now that summer is in full swing, don’t forget to support the VFW. Check the calendar for events and dinners. The canteen has a menu available every day (except during a dinner) with a great selection of affordable sandwiches, wings and sides. We need your support for the VFW to prosper. Volunteers are always needed to help with a dinner, an event, mow the range or go to the VA hospital to help with bingo. So, volunteer once in awhile!
Mark your calendar for the 16th Annual Mountain Top-Gayle Millhouse & Doc Bashore Memorial Golf Outing at Cliffside Golf Course on Sept. 30th. Tee time is 8:30 am. Registration forms and details will be at the post later this summer.
To any of our Auxiliary sisters and brothers who are ill or have lost a loved one, our thoughts and prayer are with you.

Aux. President, Pattie Luebke

"Our Sacred Scriptures remind us that we're but human, but with  that spark of Divinity placed deep within us by God Almighty.  We take that 'gift of life', although only in a temporary form or earnest at this time, and develop it for greater service to God by rendering more-effective service to our brothers and sisters. We grow in understanding that service to others is service to God.  We  grow to understand that loving God and loving others as we love ourselves, permits us the growth as encouraged by God having placed part of Himself deep within each of us.  May be continue growing in grace and in the knowledge of such".
Chaplain Steven J. Wyke (937) 371-8444. 

VFW OFFICERS 2017-2018                                                                               AUXILIARY OFFICERS 2017-2018
Commander: Ron Luebke                                                                                   President : Pattie Luebke                                              HOUSE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN
Sr. Vice: Al Daum                                                                                                   Sr, Vice Tim Byrd                                                               GAIL CROSS
Jr. Vice: Harry Poling                                                                                             Jr. Vice Jenny Millhouse                                              CANTEEN MANAGER
Quartermaster: Bud Perry                                                                                     Treasurer Sharon Hall                                                   JENNY MILLHOUSE
Adjutant: Harry Poling                                                                                           Secretary Jaci Seerat
Surgeon: Steve Eldred                                                                                          Conductress Christina Gossett
Chaplain Steve Wyke                                                                                            Chaplain Rob Mitchell                                                 CANTEEN HOURS
Judge Advocate Gail Cross                                                                                  Guard Dale Vehorn                                                         Mon-Thurs 2pm – 10 pm
3rd Trustee: Sandra Davis                                                                                    Historian Jaci Seerat                                                       Friday: 2pm – 1 am
2nd yr. Trustee Mike Maniaci                                                                                3rd yr. Trustee Ron Renner                                            Saturday: 12 pm – 1 am
1st yr Trustee Greg Ditmer                                                                                    2nd yr, Trustee Marsha Bubeck                                     Sunday: 12 pm – 10 pm
                                                                                                                                    1st yr Trustee Christina Gossett

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