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Dear Comrades
The subject of our Post Canteen not showing NFL football on TV in protest of these million dollar j***s
kneeling was brought up at our meeting. Some Posts have done this, but our livelihood is generated from the
canteen. I feel as do other members, that we will not let these million-dollar id**ts take our existence away
from us. I personally look at our nation this way: United We Stand! Why not use the Flag and National Anthem
as a starting point? It is estimated that one point one million soldiers have died in all wars to date. Every one
of these men and women were protecting our freedom. This alone is enough proof for every one of us to stand
for our Flag and National Anthem. We have every right to voice our opinions, but let’s do it in the proper place
and for the right reasons. And if you disagree with me, then there are many more countries where you can
pitch your tent! (Please go online at FLAGRESPECT.COM)

Things are going along pretty good at the post. A little more help with dinners would help. Make your
favorite dish and hold a Friday night dinner. Ask canteen manager for support.

Veterans Day is celebrated on Nov. 11 which is Saturday this year. The Post ceremony will be held at
11:00 am outside at the flag pole (weather permitting). Bean soup will be served following the ceremony.

Volunteers are always needed for a few hours once a month to help with BINGO for the hospitalized
Veterans at the VA hospital.

In case you did not know, we have medical assistance devices available for loan out to anyone who may
need something: walkers, crutches, and bedside commode.

Remember the Buckeyes are always on at the post! Come up and cheer them on. GO BUCKS!
I hope all of you have a great Holiday Season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

To those that are ill we wish you a speedy recovery. To those that have lost a loved one, our deepest

Commander, Ron Luebke

('Hunkering Down' when the battle begins, has never been the standard approach to any engagement on the
field of battle.) The sounds of the first approach of a major encounter alerts the 'skirmishers' to rally and to
confront those seeking an engagement of that field. The 'Pathfinders' head into the 'fray' with main body on
their heels and it's 'getting it on', as the dedicated warriors would put it. Life is our current 'battle field', and the
'early warning skirmishers' are you and me. We're heading out because we hear the sounds of impending
battle and want to do our part in filling the gaps in the line. Our Nation has sent out the orders, to which we'll
comply, 'Maintain your forward movement and Make Our Nation Better'. Those Mission Orders continue: 'Do
Not Be Distracted by The Negative Events Observable'. Brothers and Sisters in Arms, 'Maintain The
Line'....'Focus Forward'....'Do Not Look Back'.....'The Distractors will be carried from the field and victory is
ours'. Our Loving Heavenly Father, gave those same instructions when He first introduced our species to
'This Earnest of Life'. Love your Creator.....Love your Neighbor....and Don't forget to Love yourself. Make the
world a better place in which to live......HOLD THE LINE....KEEP MOVING)
Chaplain Steven J. Wyke US Army Special Forces (Airborne).....Vietnam
Dear Auxiliary Sisters & Brothers,
  If you haven’t looked outside in the back, go out and see our new swing set that the auxiliary bought for the little kids that come up with their families.  A few students helped put the swing set up for their Community Service project at their school along with other auxiliary members.   Thank you to all who helped!
It is really nice!
  We had another great day for the golf outing.   A big thanks to Sharon who puts a lot of hard work and time into organizing this outing.  And thanks to everyone else who helped.
  Nov. 11th is Veterans Day.  Remember, it’s the veteran who fought for your freedom. We will have a ceremony at 11:00 a.m. since it’s on Saturday this year.  We hope more of you can come out and support our veterans.  After the ceremony we will be giving awards to the winners of Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pens contest. So stick around and give these young students a round of applause for their Patriotism.
  The children’s Christmas party will be held Dec. 3rd and will begin at 3:30 pm.   Santa will arrive at 4:00.  Signup sheets will be available at the post or you can print them out on the website and mail them.  Your child must be signed up before Nov. 24th.  Children must be present to receive their gift.   
  The adult Christmas party will be Dec.9th.   The band Bootleg will be here for your entertainment from
 8-12.  Come on up and spread the Christmas cheer.  Please bring a snack dish to share.  
     Bingo at the Veterans Hospital is December 24th.  We would like to get as many people as we can to visit our veterans in the hospital for Christmas and hand out goodies.  I know it’s Christmas Eve but what better way to share it with a veteran who can’t be home with their family.   If you need a ride, let us know so we can make arrangements. Kids are welcome to go along. All the patients really enjoy seeing visitors.  Thanks to everyone who helps with the bingo throughout the year.
  The steak fry in Nov. and Dec. have been cancelled due to the holidays and the seafood dinner is cancelled in Nov due to the holiday.   Check the calendar for other things happening at the post during the holiday season. Call the post for holiday hours as they may change.  Thanks to everyone who has helped throughout the year with all the dinners and other functions.  Our post needs the support of everyone so volunteer for one!  
  Don’t forget to pay your 2018 dues!!!  Any auxiliary members that pays annually can pay their dues online at or at the post.  It has been taking 6 weeks or longer to receive your 2018 membership cards from National.  Social members; dues are also due and can pick up their membership card at the post.   Please try to pay them before Dec. 31st.    Thank you!
  To any of our Auxiliary brothers and sisters who are ill or have lost a loved one, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Pattie Luebke -  Aux. President

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